About Data Transfer

Making an Android to Android Transfer?

Transfer your existing game to a new Android device using Google Play.
Please note that Google Play only supports one game per account. You will need a different one for each new game played on other devices.
To verify that your game is connected to Google Play:


1. Log into Google Play on Device A
2. Open the game and enter “Settings”
3. Select the Google Play sign in button to connect


Now, grab Device B:


1. Log into the same Google Play account on Device B
2. Download the game fresh from the Play Store
3. Select and Recover the Clowd button on the Title Scene.

How do I transfer my account to a new iOS device?

Transfer or play the same game on multiple devices with Game Center. We’ll show you how.
Start by connecting your game to a unique GC account with Device A:


1. Enter your device settings
2. Find and select the Game Center tab
3. Log in with your Apple ID (or create one if needed)
4. Make sure you are NOT sharing an account with somebody else


Return to your home screen, and then:


5. Open Game Center
6. Select “Games”
7. Choosing the 3 Dots button, select “Play”
You should be prompted with a “welcome back, your name” banner after launching the game.


To transfer to Device B, first download the game, and then :


8. Launch Game Center on Device B
9. Launch the game
10. Select and Recover the Clowd button on the Title Scene.