Lumines is a puzzle game based on sound and light patterns

Lumines was a global hit title produced by Tetsuya Mizuguchi.
Lumines series have sold total of 2,5 million units.
Lumines was released in 76 countries and was installed on more than 10 million mobile phones. *including pre-installs

Tetsuya Mizuguchi Game creator & producer
Producer developing games that incorporate a notable emphasis on interactive sound design releasing multiple games for past 20+ years. His games sold more than 8 million copies worldwide.

Mizuguchi’s works have been highly valued so that Producers Guild of America picked him as most innovative producer awarding him with the title of "Digital 50" in 2006.

Michael Jackson character was used in one of his most representative music games "Space Channel 5", both in 1st and 2nd edition of the game as fruit of collaboration between Mizuguchi and the King of Pop. While another music game shooting game "Rez" had good reception around the World receiving multiple awards, VR sequel currently in production received "VR Creative Award 2016".

It is one of the most expected titles to be released in October 2016 on PlayStation VR.